A Guide For Choosing The Right Skylight For Your Home

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Natural light is essential for any space, be it personal or professional. It is crucial to ensure a positive aura in the space as the light brings in a psychological inclination towards being more productive, smarter and an overall feeling of well – being. It is not a matter to wonder that people have been cutting sizes into the roof to bring in natural light to their space from time immemorial. But when it comes to skylight installation, the hardest factor to consider is the type you want for your home. To help with that, let us explore the differences between the two most popular skylights available in the market today.

Tubular skylights
If your main requirement is bringing in natural light, and if there are restrictions in space, then the tubular option is better over the traditional one. These skylights bring in the natural light in your home in the most efficient and cost – effective method.The most commonly available sizes are 10 inch and 14 inch diameter skylights. Most of the products are available in 10 year warranty. The larger sized skylights are more preferred for living rooms, whereas the smaller ones are utilized commonly for bedrooms and bathrooms. The 10 inch version can provide light equal to a 200 watt light bulb.

Traditional skylights
If the traditional skylights are properly placed in the room, they change the entire outlook of it. They can either be used on vaulted ceilings or flat ceilings, either way; they produce glamorous views of the sky. But the flip side is that the installation of such a system is not easy. It needs expertise work in drywall and reframing. The cost of a typical skywall costs around $2000 including the installation works. Do note that a variety of skylight types are available in the market. Electric and solar powered skylight can be designed to vent into the outside. If you want to filter or block the lights, then you can use a skylight filter as well.The traditional skylights are also available as an acrylic dome skylight, and if you are willing to spend a little more money, then you can get a clear glass and better insulation fitted skylights.If the skylight you have installed has an issue, the skylight replacement cost can vary depending on the material and the type of the skylight. But do note that by undertaking professional guidance and expertise, the cost will be fair to the extent of repair required. All in all, nothing can get better than restoring the feel of the home with that look.acrylic-dome-skylight

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